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Over 23,000,000 people are already playing! Get the top rated puzzle adventure FREE! Enter the world of Minutia and Collect cute characters - Level up your team to Defeat the Slugs - and play more than 300 levels for hours and hours of fiendish fun!

APPLE WATCH! - Adventure at a Glance! Best Fiends on the Watch is a unique new game experience. Send our mischievous hero, Temper on an exciting journey through the land of Minutia. Discover new locations, new environments and most of all, find lots and lots of Treasure… and then transport your loot from your Watch to your Phone!

“Check out the app, it's a really fun game" -PewDiePie

"Best Fiends is the addictive result of a one-night stand between Angry Birds and Candy Crush" - PC Mag

"Must List!" - Entertainment Weekly

"Best Fiends is well-polished and super-cute!" -

“Best Fiends combines Candy Crush puzzling with RPG!” - Forbes

The little creatures of Minutia lived in peace and harmony, until the night the meteor smashed into Mount Boom! A strange force transformed the slimy Slugs who lived there into a gang of greenery-gobbling goons – and now, the Slugs captured the Best Fiends’ families!

To fight back the Slugs and reunite their families, the Best Fiends have to grow and level up, discover their special powers and prepare for the mystery that awaits at Mount Boom.

To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become… the BEST FIENDS!

* FIENDISH PUZZLES Easy to play, hard to master. Approachable puzzle gameplay taken to the next level!

* DAZZLING GRAPHICS and finger-tapping music!

* THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Line matching puzzle adventure game with RPG-like character development!

* COLLECT & LEVEL UP Collect all Best Fiends and discover their special powers!

* JOIN THE BATTLE against the Slugs of Mount Boom in a journey through the majestic world of Minutia!

Best friends игра на телефон игра

* COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS connect to the gorgeous 3D map via Facebook and see who reaches Mount Boom first!

* STAY TUNED More levels, characters, gameplay and some suprises are on the way!


* A UNIQUE NEW EXPERIENCE - Start the adventure and follow progress on your Watch through the day

* TIME TO COLLECT, DISCOVER AND WIN - All the treasure you find are taken into the mobile game

* CHOOSE YOUR OWN PATH! - New events, new enemies, new exciting locations await!

Follow Temper’s adventures through the day - directly on your wrist… but you better watch out - the world of Minutia is overtaken but a multitude of voracious Slugs and anything may happen…

PLEASE NOTE! Best Fiends is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

* The minimum iOS version required is iOS7

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The hit mobile game with more than 23,000,000 players just got better!


Best friends игра на телефон Best Fiends

* Play 31 NEW HOLIDAY CALENDAR levels!

* Unlock 5 helpful GNOMES to help you beat the levels!

* Complete all 31 levels and win a NEW FIEND - Vincent Van MOTH!

* Light up the levels with NEW 'Holiday Lights' level goals.

Игра Best Fiends — букашки против слизней

Игра 3:1 в самых разных вариациях встречаются частенько. Приложение Best Fiends построено на принципах таких игр. Но в Best Fiends есть и герои, сражающиеся друг с другом по правилам игр «три в одном».  В мирной стране Миниатюрии случилось несчастье: в результате попадания метеорита в Гром-Гору безобидные слизни превратились в головорезов. Они захватили мирных букашек в плен и стали пожирать всю зелень подряд, обрекая жителей крошечной страны на голодную смерть. Для освобождения пленников надо поубивать наглых слизней. Для этого геймер должен соединять листочки одного и того же цвета в одну линию. Линия может быть и прямой, и кривой и, конечно, как можно более длинной. Вот эта возможность проводить линию под углом сильно облегчает прохождение игры Best Fiends.

Элементы линии при этом удаляются, на их место становятся другие. Удар слизню наносится козявками, здоровье гада подрывается.

В ходе игры разработчики постоянно подсказывают и советуют. Цели разных уровней могут включать и сбор кристаллов — внутриигровой валюты. Альтернативу — мешочек, сундук, гору и сейф бриллиантов покупают за реальные деньги. А потратить кристаллы есть на что.

Обязательна прокачка букашек-козявок: они становятся сильнее и легче справляются со слизнями. Помощники для прокачивания букашек — клещи, попавшие в страну вместе с метеоритами. Но до обновления за уровень зарабатывали сотни метеоров-клещей, а теперь в начальных уровнях эта цифра снизилась до сорока.

Хотя управление и примитивно, добиться в игре полной победы нелегко. Учтите, что многие препятствия разрушаются не с первого раза: нужно несколько ходов, если нет под рукой бомбы. Иногда вы выигрываете даже при неполностью уничтоженном препятствии. Но собранные кристаллы, ключи и клещи даже при невозможности сразу пройти уровень, сохраняются. Внимательно относитесь к требуемым целям уровня — иначе проигрыш неминуем.

Достоинства игры Best Fiends:

  • превосходный дизайн;
  • неторопливый, но любопытный сюжет.

Top multiplayer games for smartphones

If you prefer your games with a little competitive action and a lot of thrill, check out this list of top multiplayer games for your smartphone.

Play fun games with your friends—or make new friends—with these top multiplayer games for your smartphone. Multiplayer games aren’t just for game consoles anymore. So take your favorite adventures or puzzling challenges on the train or in a cab.

You’ll love how the graphics look on newer smartphones with large screens such as the Samsung Galaxy S® 6. LG V10™  or the Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola. So grab your smartphone, these apps and your best friends for some serious mobile action.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Since its inception, Gameloft’s Modern Combat series has managed to take the best part of console-based military first-person-shooter (FPS) games and deftly packaged them into mobile platforms. Modern Combat 4 (content rating: medium maturity) raises the bar even further with a new physics engine, new weapons, new maps and better graphics. Best of all, you can join up with a maximum of 12 friends in team, free-for-all or capture-the-flag matches. For FPS fans, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Miss the precision you get with your game controller? Take that with you too, with the  Sony DualShock® 4 Wireless Controller . This portable controller delivers full-size console action to your smartphone. So, snap it onto your phone and grab one of these action-packed games to make your wait times pass in a flash.

Arcane Legends

Since the early days of pen and paper role-playing games, people have discovered that hack and slash fantasy is best shared with others. After all, it’s called a “party” for a reason. In Arcane Legends (content rating: low maturity), players take on the role of warrior, rogue or sorcerer, and (alongside their loyal pets) team up with other adventurers on wild quests for epic loot. With a strong support for guild creation and management, players can pool their resources and always have a fellow adventurer by their side. And what if you’re not feeling quite so cooperative? The game’s player-verses-player mode is always open to help vent off some steam against other challengers.

Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

Putting a twist on the classic tower defense formula, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave (content rating: medium maturity) teams up to four players to defend magical Eternia Crystals from being destroyed by the forces of evil. Half role-playing game, half tower defense, Dungeon Defenders is so much more than the sum of its parts. Before each wave of enemies, players set traps, build defenses and set themselves up in strategic positions. Then players dive headfirst into the fray, utilizing the special skills of their chosen class to drive back the forces of darkness.

Order & Chaos Online

Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Online (content rating: medium maturity) is, hands down, one of the most robust massively multiplayer online role-playing games available on mobile devices. After choosing to fight for good (Order) or evil (Chaos) and creating a character from any of the game’s five races and four classes, players jump right into the action. Smooth controls, deeply customizable characters, great graphics and sound, and a strong story give players a full-sized MMO experience in the palm of their hands.

What’s the Phrase?

First there was Words With Friends. which pitted players’ vocabulary skills against one another in a crossword-style battle of words. Now Zynga’s latest social game, What’s the Phrase? (content rating: medium maturity), takes a cue from the game show circuit and challenges players to spin a wheel, guess a letter and try to be the first to uncover a mystery phrase. Power-ups mix things up a bit by giving players the ability to take extra turns, revealing letters in the puzzle, taking unnecessary letters from the player’s keyboard and even setting traps on your opponent’s keyboard to sap their score. It’s a new twist on a classic formula, and a fun evolution in the word game genre .

So whether you prefer word games or first-person shooters, grab your smartphone and one of these top multiplayer games to take your game-playing time mobile.


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