Drift игры на андроид

Drift игры на андроид drift

Top 5 Best Android Racing Games of August 2014

(Drift Mania: Street Outlaws)

We’ve rounded up the very best Android racing games you should be playing this month. All of these games were recently updated, making August the perfect time to give these titles a first look (or even a second.) If you love racing titles, you’ll love these major hits and hidden gems from Google Play.

1. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws

Check out a walkthrough for this game in the video above.

Drift игры на андроид Drift Mania Street

If your favorite entry in the Fast & Furious franchise is Tokyo Drift. then Drift Mania is the game for you. With amazing levels set in Japan, the Alps, the desert, and the giant hills of San Fran, this game offers a ton of variety. The graphics are gorgeous, and the new improved multiplayer mode makes this title really appealing.

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  • HD graphics
  • Custom tune your ride
  • Xperia Play Optimized
  • MOGA, PS3, and Nyko controller support
  • Addictive gameplay Cons:
  • Pretty big download
  • Some users have reported crashes
  • Some users report game actually runs worse on KitKat
  • Racers new to drifting may have to change their playing style
  • Has 21 cars, could still use more
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