Игра flatout 2 на андроид

Flatout Stuntman is a 3D ragdoll simulation game of superior, never seen before quality!

The Flatout series is the number one crazy racing and crazy stunts game on other platforms, from Xbox360 to Playstation3, from PC to Nintendo Wii. This franchise has sold many millions of copies and now it is available on your tablet and phone with amazing graphics!

Have a blast with one of the many types and sorts of cars, launch your handpicked crazy character (from playmates to businessman) and aim for the objects that will cause most pain… thus earning you the most points! If you've got the right skills, aim for some additional coins during your journey of pain and earn a place in the worldwide highscore tables! Ragdoll fun for everone! Flatout Stuntman contains a ton of different and fun themes, stunts, plenty of vehicles and numerous characters to have fun with. A must play, with more violent and detailed car crashes and flying people in the air than carmageddon!

Flatout Stuntman features:

* 42 Unique and astonishing HD environments, divided in 7 theme-based categories.

* 20 over the top characters, from sexy playmate to businessman, from lingerie model to grandpa, from alien to handsome!

* Tons of original, crunchy sounds and funny comments!

* Full facebook support: challenge your friends, compare highscores, earn achievements!

* 25 Awesome cars, from sports car to muscle car, from tank to sled!

* Convincingly accurate 3D physics simulation!

* Optimized and designed for tablets!

Flatout - Stuntman

Flatout - Stuntman довольно неординарный аркада-рейсинг. В нем, перед вами стоит задача, максимально сильно разогнать ваш суперкар, и при правильном расчёте силы и угла наклона, отправить водителя в дальний и увлекательный полет. Количество очков, заработанных за уровень, напрямую зависит от того, насколько артистично и грациозно ваш персонаж улетел через лобовое стекло и приземлился в итоге. Действие происходит в разнообразных местах со своими собственными дорожными ситуациями. Пространство для будущего полета так же отличается друг от друга, это может быть склон горы, либо глухой лес, где вы соберёте все ветки окрестных деревьев, либо сравнительно оживленная автомагистраль.

Игра разработана специально для видеопроцессоров TEGRA. Однако практика показывает, что игра идет и на иных устройствах, но все же с небольшими провисаниями. Трудно разграничить устройства, тут покажет только практика. Очень большое внимание в игре уделено физике полета вашего персонажа, а их в игре аж 19, и каждый из них качественно прорисован, и улетает со своим собственным шиком.

С управлением придется сначала подружиться, ибо оно не такое простое. Да и к тому же понять всю суть того, как нужно стрелять своим водителем. Однако через пару тройку попыток все становится понятно, и вы готовы хоть в космос кареты отправлять. В целом же все покладисто и понятно. Все для того чтобы получать от игры только удовольствие.

Bugbear Entertainment | Empire Interactive | Released 2006

FlatOut 2 is an action packed racer featuring peerless physics and ragdoll drivers for extreme action on and off the track!

Sequel to the million selling FlatOut, FlatOut 2 takes the mayhem to maximum. Putting action squarely in to racing, FlatOut 2 is a 8 car close pack racing game full of destruction and wrecking! Tracks are filled with crash hotspots, thousands of dynamics objects, risky but rewarding alternative routes and designed with battle racing in mind.

And battle you must as you take to the races against seven fierce AI opponents each complete with personal driving style and hidden agendas. You'll be delivering amazing amount of damage to you rivals and the track visualized like never before with FlatOut's peerless physics and damage modeling engine.

Featuring even more craze in the form of destruction derbies and ragdoll stunt events, you'll be punishing your poor driver in twelve ragdoll stunt events.

# Eight players or AI cars on track for close pack action racing

# Comprehensive Single player Career, Quick race, Derby, Event and Stunt modes

# Convincing car handling and impressive damage modeling

# Destruction racing at its most extreme: peerless physics and more destructible objects than any other current-gen driving game.

# Challenge your driving through the comprehensive Championship Mode with over 60 unique tracks set in 6 spectacular environments.

# Each environment is crammed full of objects and destructible items designed to enhance game play by player interaction.

# Multiple alternative routes on every track for the player to find and learn.

# Dynamic landmarks for crash through fun on every track.

# Over 30 racing cars ranging from classic Muscle cars, 4X4 Pickup Trucks, sporty Hatchbacks to all-out Sports Cars and specialized destruction cars. Full upgrade path for each racing and destruction car.