Игра на андроид boxing

Monkey Boxing

Monkey Boxing - очень забавная, динамическая и красивая игра. Вам предстоит вступить в жестокую схватку, какая только может быть между двумя очаровательными мартышками. Да, это классический бокс, с которым все мы знакомы с детства, но вместо обычных бойцов мы видим двух приматов, которые одеты как настоящие боксеры в шорты и перчатки. Они обучены тому, как вести бой, могут делать блок и атаковать, используя настоящие комбо. У них есть супер удары, и они подчиняются настоящим правилам.

В игре потрясающая 3d графика, персонажи прорисованы очень тщательно, свет и блики создают неповторимую атмосферу для игры. Персонажи очень забавные и красивые, физика боя на высшем уровне. К визуальной составляющей никаких претензий нет. Вы можете создать образ собственной мартышки, используя при этом знаменитые реквизиты профессиональных боксеров. Участвуйте в кубке, где вам предстоит победить в 50 боях, а затем вы просто можете продолжать сражаться, увеличивая свою квалификацию. И еще одна немаловажная опция: вы можете сразиться с вашим другом по wi-fi. На ум вот так сразу и не приходят качественные игры с такой вот возможностью.

★ Miami Beach update - now available on Apple App Store and Google Play. ★


Real Boxing for Android available in Humble Mobile Bundle!

If you are looking for an opportunity to get the best boxing game on Android, look no more. The latest prestigious Humble Mobile Bundle pack will equip you with Real Boxing Premium (all in-game store stuff is free!) and selection of other top mobile titles. You not only secure awesome games but, by contributing on a pay-what-you-want basis, you also support charity! Isn’t that nice? Sure is, but make it a quick jab - the offer is time-limited and will end soon!

Игра на андроид boxing boxing

Miami Beach out now on Apple App Store and Google Play

Real Boxing™ goes to Miami in the Miami Beach Update - out now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Save Miami Beach by defeating Evil Erik the clown and his boxer minions in an all new Arcade Mode beat'em up adventure! Unlock over 30 new powerful items including groovy gloves, shorts, boots and more! Win amazing prizes in the Miami Beach Slots minigame! Download the ultimate boxing experience now!

Игра на андроид boxing андроид

King of the Ring update released for Real Boxing™

Real Boxing™ fans get royal treatment with the latest King of the Ring update now live both on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Get more out of the game as you receive Daily Rewards for playing every day. Spin new Daily Spin for bigger rewards or a chance to score a Mystery Box. Also featuring redesigned interface elements, characters models, numerous other tweaks and much more - all of this is waiting for you as a free download.

Get Real Boxing for Steam in the Indie Gala Hump Day Bundle!

If you’re looking for a great deal on Real Boxing™ Steam, then check out the Indie Gala Hump Day Bundle. For as little as $2.89 you can get the ultimate boxing experience on Steam along with 11 other great titles. You not only get to save your money, but also support a great cause, with a portion of proceeds from the sale going to charity! This is a time limited offer though, so better be fast!

Underground Update out now on the Apple App Store

Gloves are off as Real Boxing™ takes the game to the streets with with the Undergound Update. challenging players to fight in the singleplayer Underground Tournament in a brand new caged arena against tough as nails opponents and brutal rule sets. Fame, glory and over 40 new items and boxer customization options await for the best of the best. Get the Underground Update now - available for FREE on the Apple App Store and coming soon to Google Play.

Anniversary Update out now on the Apple App Store

Real Boxing™ celebrates its knockout 2-year anniversary in style with the Anniversary Update – out now on the Apple App Store. Enjoy a new singleplayer Arcade Mode sporting over 15 increasingly difficult stages, challenging boss fights against otherworldly opponents and a unique set of rewards. Up your game with explosive Power-ups and new Condition stat. Download the Anniversary Update for FREE now!

Real Boxing™ now available on Android TV

The ultimate boxing experience punches its way to the revolutionary new digital TV platform from Google. The Android TV version of the title includes all previously released content updates, along with the latest Power Update. featuring high resolution graphics and controller support. You can download it now for FREE via Google Play.

Real Boxing FREE on Android with Power Update!

It's time to power up your boxing with the Power Update! Turn the tide of battle with four special abilities which instantly boost your skills. Manage your boxer's Condition – a new stat that adds extra level of challenge and realism to the gameplay. For the first time ever fight to become World Champion for FREE on Android! Download Real Boxing now, available on Google Play.

Игра на андроид boxing игра

Combo Update out now on Apple App Store

Real Boxing is ready to pack a punch with the brand new Combo System. Share your journey in the world of professional boxing via Twitter. Deepen the multiplayer experience thanks to a fresh set of Weekly Tournaments with new and exciting rules. Combo Update is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

OFFER OVERTIME - Real Boxing FREE on iOS and Mac

Real Boxing is available for FREE on iOS and Mac. You can also get free coins if you grab the game via FreeGameCredits. Experience the undisputed champion of fighting games and download Real Boxing today!

Rivals Update out now for Real Boxing™

Expand your boxing rivarly and connect yourself to the world like never before with the Social Panel. Win great prizes and boosts every day thanks to the new Daily Spin. Play the most fluid and satisfying version of Real Boxing™ to date.

Real Boxing Multiplayer Update out now!

Multiplayer Update is here with a spate of knockout content - Weekly Tournaments - with a fresh set of rules each week (eg. invisible healthbars, knockdown victories and no blocking). Win big prizes, share your victories with friends, check up on current standings and see what's coming up next via Facebook.

Real Boxing™ for Mac out now on the App Store!

This version of Real Boxing™ is boasting a wide range of new features: brand new single-screen multiplayer, support for a wide range of controllers, even sleeker look and feel thanks to the graphics engine and gameplay overhaul. Real Boxing™ is the only boxing title available on the Mac App Store.

Real Boxing™ is coming to Mac February 27th!

With amazing graphics, updated controls, improved gameplay, new single-screen multiplayer, and support for a wide range of controllers this is the best version of Real Boxing™ to date! Get ready to step into the ring with the ultimate boxing experience on Mac!

Real Boxing™ Xmas Update now available!

Real Boxing&trade's Xmas Update is packed with exciting content: "PunchTown Pack" of new gear and tattoos, support for iOS7 controllers and Wikipad, enhanced multiplayer matchmaking, all packed into a stylish holiday theme. The game is available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Black Eye Friday WEEKEND!

This Black Friday, Real Boxing™ is taking on the whole world! Every micropayment in the in-game store is 50% off, worldwide on iOS and Android! The offer is only available until 2 nd December, so you have to be quick! You can get the game HERE .

New updade: Enhanced Multiplayer for iOS & Android

Take your skills to the next level, enter feature-packed multiplayer mode and fight it out with your friends in realtime via Game Center. Bet virtual currency on your fights, buy lottery tickets for a temporary stats boost and win a place in the global leaderboards.

Real Boxing™ on PS Vita Enters the Ring in the US for $9.99

Real Boxing™, the first console-style boxing simulation for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, will launch on September 17 th in the US via PlayStation Network.

RAN Real Boxing by Felix Sturm is an exclusive title for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, produced for a series of boxing events with the famous German boxer. The game was widely advertised through all of ProSieben's channels.

Real Boxing™ v1.9.0 [свободные покупки]

Real Boxing™ - самый реалистичный бокс, который вы когда-либо видели на мобильных платформах! Игра не содержит запрещенных приемов борьбы, а также обладает невероятно красивой графикой, а самое главное оптимизирована для устройств на NVIDIA Tegra, что позволяет владельцам данных устройств вблизи ощутить всю прелесть сражений! Благодаря ультра-реалистичным движениям, взятым от реальных боксеров в сочетании с великолепной графикой на движке Unreal Engine 3. благодаря которому вы увидите пот и кровь, наполняющих воздух, вы будете на себе ощущать каждый игровой момент! Сюжет игры включает более 30 боев с более чем 20-ю противниками, каждый из которых обладает собственными уникальными а адаптивными боевыми стилями. Игра содержит дополнительные возможности для разблокировки, включая оборудование, противников и одежду. Внешний вид вашего бойца полностью под вашим контролем, так же как и его успех в сражениях!

- Мы обучили наши сервера. Теперь они в состоянии справиться даже с большим количеством участников в новых и захватывающих еженедельных турнирах.

- Новый набор загружаемых материалов Панч-Таун. Игроки могут приобретать уникальные и трендовые предметы для улучшения показателей своего боксера.

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