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Hi there and welcome to Fireproof Games! We’re a team of 15 based in Guildford, UK and since 2012 we’ve been creating our own games, beginning with the multi-award winning iOS, Android & PC game “The Room”. followed by the critically acclaimed iOS & Android title “The Room Two”   and Virtual Reality Jetpack game “Omega Agent”  for Samsung Gear VR.

It’s a very exciting time for all of us here as the long awaited sequel “The Room Three” is now available to buy from the App Store for iPhone & iPad from with the Android release following on January 11 2016. We’ve been working hard on The Room Three for about 20 months and it’s great to be finally getting it out there, so please let us know what you think via Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to hear your feedback.

If you’re getting stuck or encountered a problem with The Room Three then you might want to take a peek at these links (Beware for potential spoilers):

Explore our website for more info about us and all our previous games and don’t forget to check out our Downloads page where you’ll find shiny new wallpapers for your devices featuring artwork from all our games, ALL-NEW papercraft objects from The Room Three for you to build, the theme music from The Room & Omega Agent, and a Press Kit for each of our games containing logos, artwork & screenshots.

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'The Room 3' Will Stay Locked Away 'Til Summer, Says Fireproof Games

Bittsersweet news from Fireproof Games this week: the Guildford, England-based firm announced that The Room 3 is being delayed. Originally scheduled for a spring release, the upcoming entry into the incredibly popular hidden object series has been kicked back to summer.

"Due to expanded scope and polish, The Room 3 will now release this summer," tweets Fireproof .

As a condolence, the studio also released four new screenshots. If you look closely (click to expand), you'll see hints of the interconnected dials, gears, cogs, valves, fuses, and assorted Victorian miscellany that gives The Room its sense of place and mystery. I can't tell what that ornate wooden dollhouse actually is, but "Fabergé deathtrap" is my guess.

In any case, while it's a bummer that The Room 3 isn't coming out as soon as we may like, it's hard to pout too much at the prospect of extra, more dotingly crafted content. Whirring, enigmatic puzzleboxes can never too photorealistic, I say.

When Fireproof first announced The Room 3 . they promised to "to evolve the mysterious story and take puzzle solving to higher and weirder places than ever before." Announcing a short delay seems mundane in comparison, but perhaps good things indeed come to those who wait. Let's get weird.

Краткое описание:

долгожданное продолжение

Не устояв перед зовом неизведанного, вы прибываете на далекий остров, где вам предстоит, собрав все свое умение, пройти испытания таинственного незнакомца, называющего себя «Мастером».


В игру быстро и легко начать играть, но сложно остановиться! Вы по достоинству оцените оригинальный симбиоз увлекательных головоломок и простоты интерфейса.


Настоящий эффект присутствия благодаря реалистичному тактильному миру игры.


В волшебном и замысловатом мире игры так легко затеряться!


Изучайте десятки диковинных артефактов, чтобы разгадать скрывающиеся в них секреты.


Запоминающееся музыкальное сопровождение и разнообразные звуковые эффекты создают незабываемую атмосферу.

С помощью нового инструмента, окуляра, вы сможете исследовать мир до мельчайших подробностей.


Вы сможете вернуться назад во времени и изменить ход своей судьбы.


Перечитывая подсказки, вы будет открывать перед собой все новые и новые подробности.


Синхронизируйте свой прогресс в игре между различными устройствами и разблокируйте достижения.


Игра доступна на английском, французском, итальянском, немецком, испанском, португальском (Бразилия), турецком и русском языках.


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