Игры на андроид 2 3 6 subway surfers

Игры на андроид 2 3 6 subway surfers subway

Subway Surfers for Android

Have fun with the best surfer surfing the trains in this amazing game.

Detailed analysis

Игры на андроид 2 3 6 subway surfers андроид

Subway Surfers is a new game for Android users in which we will have a nice time surffing the train stations.

In Subway Surfers. you will get into the role of Jake, a teen that the police catches doing grafittis and who you will need to help to scape from them. Have fun jumping, avoiding all the obstacles that come to your way and, above all, surfer at high speed as if the police catches your, you will end in the jail.

Subway Surfers is a really fun game and it is of the most addictive. It has many improvements so your character will be able to buy as you go up in levels and you collect all the coins that you find in your path. In this way, you will be faster and scape easily from the police.

Subway Surfers it has been well-designed and it offers really nice graphics and of high quality. The sound effects of the game are also really good and they will make you want to be faster and have more fun.

Игры на андроид 2 3 6 subway surfers subway


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