Игры на андроид 4 2 2 хорроры

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - продолжение знаменитого хоррора от разработчика Scott Cawthon! Снова будет страшно, завораживающе и пугающе!

House of Grudge

Свет (FULL)

Свет - это захватывающая игра на андроид смартфоны в которой вам предстоит погрузиться в ужасающий мир, наполненный опасностями и различными загадками.

Slendrina:The Cellar

Slendrina:The Cellar - это отличный хоррор на андроид смартфоны, в котором вам предстоит, как и в других частях слендера искать различные предметы. В этой версии игры, нам предстоит найти 8 загадочных книг.

SlenderMan Origins 3

Продолжение отличного хоррора на андроид! Спасите души школьников и не попадитесь на глаза Слендеру

Игры на андроид 4 2 2 хорроры андроид

Lost Within

Lost Within - атмосферная игра в жанре хоррор, действие которой происходит в заброшенной больнице. Сами стены здесь кричат об ужасах, обрывки видений рисуют страшные картины прошлого, которые оживают вокруг вас.

Best Android horror games 2015

20games/walkingdead_w720.png?2.140.0" /%

We round up the scariest, most pant-wettingly terrifying horror games for Android mobile phones and tablets, to download in 2015.

Looking for the best horror games to download for your Android device? We've scoured Google Play for the most horrifying horror titles and here's our pick of the best.

The Walking Dead

You'll need quick reactions and a strong stomach to make it through the gory action scenes in The Walking Dead, a Telltale adventure horror game. However, those violent moments have twice the impact as you spend some serious time with the cast of characters, learning to empathise with their plight just before they're cruelly offed. The tension rarely eases, making this a seriously tense and unforgettable experience.

Dread Halls

If you're lucky/rich enough to own a VR headset, check out Dread Halls. This VR horror game is absolutely terrifying, throwing scary beasties right at your face. We recommend playing in a room with padded walls, as you'll probably accidentally sprint right into one as you try and escape.

20games/Dread_w720_h236.png?2.140.0" /%

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

A true classic, Gabriel Knight's original point n' click adventure story has been revamped for the modern day. Featuring new voice work (sadly no Tim Curry this time) and shiny new graphics, this tale of voodoo and murder is still gripping and horrifying while the puzzles hold up well.

Игры на андроид 4 2 2 хорроры adventure game

The Last Door

The Last Door is a point n' click adventure game that's all about the atmosphere. Don't be fooled by those retro, pixellated graphics. As you descend deeper into those sinister locales, the tension and horror steadily mount until you flinch at every little sound and cringe before stepping through every darkened doorway.

20games/Last2_w720_h209.png?2.140.0" /%

Hellraid: The Escape

Another first-person horror game, but this isn't a shooter. Rather, you'll have to rely on your wits to get through Hellraid's traps and puzzles and make it out of the dungeons. Grimy, grisly and occasionally very tense if you play in the dark with headphones.

Dead Space

It's getting on a bit now, but Dead Space is still a creepy pant-filling horror game that's best played on an Android tablet or phablet. The on-screen controls are a wee bit ropey, which makes it all the more terrifying when you're trapped in a room with three or four psychotic monsters and your thumbs are flying everywhere.

20games/DeadSpace_w720_h280.png?2.140.0" /%

Mental Hospital 3

A simple yet effective FPS horror game that sees you exploring an old asylum, a pursuit that unexpectedly turns out to be rather ill-advised. The ability to switch to creepy nightvision mode to see what lurks in the shadows makes for some jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

Decay: The Mare

Another point n' click style adventure game, Decay: The Mare is very short and fairly easy to complete, but packs some decent jump scares and some suitably sinister environments to explore.

Игры на андроид 4 2 2 хорроры adventure game

20games/decay_w720_h290.png?2.140.0" /%

Dark Meadow: The Pact

A classic Android horror game, Dark Meadow is a twist on first person shooters that limits your ability to move while blood-hungry creatures storm towards you. You'll need precise aiming and solid timing to take them down before they make soup out of your kidneys.

H.P. Lovecraft Horror Stories

The original master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft's terrifying tales can be experienced on your Android device thanks to this handy little app.

Classic Horror Adventure Game 'Sanitarium' Is Getting An Android Port By DotEmu, Set For October 29th

The point-and-click adventure game genre is one of the most immersive around. It typically doesn't seek to draw you in with over-the-top action sequences. Instead, you're drawn in by the sheer amount of attention and focus you must give to each detail as you click on every corner of the screen. When something freaks you out, part of the fear comes from just how hard you've been staring.

Sanitarium is one such game from nearly two decades ago. Released in 1998, the PC horror game sucked players into the mind of an amnesiac in a world teetering on the edge of madness. Critics and gamers alike walked away from the experience feeling genuinely creeped out.

These days you can download a version of Sanitarium to a Windows PC from Steam for $10, but DotEmu is also working on letting you take the title on the go. It has a mobile adaptation in the works that is slated for release on Android and iOS October 29th .

Though DotEmu intends for this to be a faithful port, there are some changes in place that should cater the experience to touchscreens. Players will be able to choose between a touch mode and a pad mode, and there will be an automatic save system to accommodate the on-and-off play inherent in mobile gaming. Newcomers will have the option to toggle on a hint system so that they don't bang their heads against the wall for too long playing through a game made in a time when gamers didn't expect their hands held quite so tightly. There will be twenty achievements to unlock, and a new inventory system. Players will have the choice to listen to voices and read text in three languages: English, French, and German.

Expect more information at the end of next month.

Press Release


The 90s psychological thriller returns on iOS & Android

Paris, France – September 24, 2015 – DotEmu, developer and publisher specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games, is proud to announce the release of Sanitarium on iOS & Android on October 29 . Originally released in 1998 for PC and Adventure Game of the Year Winner, this timeless point-and-click horror game is a must-have for adventure game fans.

In Sanitarium you play Max Laughton, an amnesiac thrust into a morbid, really creepy universe. Featuring a rich, complex plot set in an intense world where a very thin line separates reason from madness, Sanitarium is a masterwork suitable for point-and-click beginners, experts and everyone who enjoys captivating storylines and horror games. Sanitarium has been acclaimed as one of the grisliest and nightmarish games of all time.

This version has not only been authentically recreated for mobile, but also enhanced with brand-new features:

• Choose between touch mode and pad mode

• A new easy-to-use interface specially adapted for touch devices

• Automatic save system

• Dynamic ON/OFF hint system

• New inventory system

• 20 Achievements to unlock

• Choose between full screen mode & original mode

• 3 languages available: English, French, German (voices and text)

Be ready to discover or rediscover this suspenseful classic on October 29!


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