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"We can openly discuss it now."

"Billy on the Street" took a break from its regularly scheduled obstacle courses and streetside confrontations to discuss one of the most polarizing films of the last decade: "Sex and the City 2." In case you were living under a rock in 2010, here's an excerpt from Salon writer Andrew O'Hehir's review to give you a sense of how poorly the film was received.

It would have been more merciful for writer-director Michael Patrick King to have rented Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda out to the “Saw” franchise, or to Rob Zombie, so we could watch them get shot in the head or skinned alive by Arkansas rednecks. Instead of that, we get something that’s truly sadistic: the SATC girls as haggard specters, haunted by their freewheeling ’90s past and stupefied by the demands of work, marriage and/or motherhood.

Before delving into a game of "Santa's Reindeer or Sex App," host Billy Eichner asked "SATC" star Sarah Jessica Parker how she reacted to the negativity.

"I didn't read [the criticism], but I gleaned from the look on people's faces," Parker admitted. "I think what was surprising was the level of vitriol. We can only discuss it now."

Eichner quickly cut her off and proceeded to deliver an epic rant on the misunderstood sequel.

"Here's what I think. I think that that show had dealt so well, in such a smart, sharp way, in dissecting guys that I think bros, all the bros out there, like, really liked the chance to jump on it, finally, to a certain degree. And people said, ‘Oh, I don't believe them going to the Middle East,'" Eichner tells the camera in his signature manic delivery.

"I have one guy, a friend of mine who's into sci-fi, he's like, 'It's not believable they go to the Middle East,'" he continued. "I said, ‘Oh you can't believe they go to the Middle East, but you believe in f**king Chewbacca, you f**king turd? You'll believe anything that happens on some planet George Lucas made up, but you can't believe that Kim Cattrall would film for a few weeks in Morocco?' I'm serious. I'm so glad to finally be getting this off my chest."

"You're saying things I never would have the courage to say," SJP responded.

In 2014, Michael Patrick King, the mastermind behind the HBO series and both films, gave fans hope for a third installment.

“Sarah Jessica and I both know what that final chapter is ," King told Entertainment Weekly. "That doesn’t mean it will or should be told, but I do think there’s one story left. There’s four girls, and those girls are still in my mind. There are other stories to tell and characters that haven’t even been written yet."

Carrie Bradshaw's Best Clothes On 'Sex and the CIty'

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"Written with great sensitivity and skill, this book makes the greatest generation more real to the succeeding generations; it exposes the young men and women of that time as being both stronger and more vulnerable than either history books or overly romantic movies sketch them."

Игры на андроид 4 2 2 секс Greatest Generation


"Jane Mersky Leder pricks the notion that men and women of the 'Greatest Generation' were all God-fearing….She writes well; the book is a good read."


"Her book -- a very readable psycho-sociological study -- explores how the war and people's reaction to the times set in motion such things as the second wave of the women's movement."

Historical Text Archive

"Thanks for the Memories is replete with captivating bits of history, wonderful personal stories, and a peek into a generation slipping away fast. It's never dull as Ms. Leder moves you swiftly through history, confidently and engagingly."

TCM Reviews

"Thanks for the Memories is one of those rare books that one can either read quickly or savor slowly. At times it is fun and witty; at other ties it is poignant and thought-provoking."

The Detroit Jewish News

"[W]WII as a time of bawdy sexual experimentation? That might take a little getting used to. Jane Mersky Leder understands our reluctance. Four years ago, as she began to unravel surprising stories about the Greatest Generation, she was reluctant to believe them, too. But the men and women she interviewed, who are dying at a rate of approximately 1,000 a day, encouraged her to tell the more complete story, naughty though it may be….Her book is diligently researched and footnoted, and her sources spoke freely and candidly….At the height of the war, 19 million women were keeping the home front running. And it was that taste of independence - physical and economic - that Leder and many other cultural observers believe set the stage for the women's movement 20 years later. French shores on D-Day into the enthusiastic embrace of waiting mesdammes. French women, he told Leder, go about sex like American women go about knitting."

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)

"Freelance writer and journalist Mersky examines the impact of WWII on relationships between men and women. Focusing on the areas of love, sex, and marriage, she describes how the war's disruption of ordinary home life and the subsequent entry of women into the workforce allowed for a relaxing of the social restrictions that had formerly kept women in check. The personal stories of ordinary people single, married, military, and civilian are interwoven throughout the narrative."

America in WWII

Product Description

Thanks for the Memories destroys the historical myth that young men and women went about the business of war and stayed on the straight and narrow path. Rather, World War II provided new opportunities for sexual experimentation, for hasty marriages, for flourishing prostitution--and for love connections that have stood the test of time.

Young men in the military, far away from family and home, did things they might never have done. Young women, many of whom went to work for the first time, experienced a freedom and independence most women had never known.

Because of the war, courtships were cut short, couples married more quickly than normal, and husbands and wives were often separated for several years. Despite attempts to get back to normal after the war and the apparent togetherness of the 1950s, World War II had set change in motion, heralding the second wave of the women's liberation movement.

" Thanks for the Memories vividly portrays the disruptive impact of World War II on relations between men and women, not only in the well documented arena of labor force participation but also in the realms of sex, love, and marriage. The wartime generation, known for its conservative embrace of traditional domesticity in the 1950s, did so after having broken all the rules. Jane Mersky Leder makes a persuasive case that the women's movement in the late 1960s was an aftershock of these seismic shifts whose story, until now, has not been told." (Sara M. Evans, University of Minnesota, author of Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America )|"Jane Mersky Leder recounts the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary times, and brings the World War II era to life. Beautifully written and poignant, sometimes romantic but not always. Thanks for the Memories recounts how men and women during World War II sought love, sex and security in the midst of the upheavals of wartime." (Elaine Tyler May, author of Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era )|"Lively, moving, evocative and memorable, Thanks For the Memories brings back to us the extraordinary changes that occurred among women and men during World War II, and re-creates for us their pain, joy and courage." (William H. Chafe, the Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of History, Duke University)

Book Description

From the Author

  • I first heard about the challenges faced by women and men on the American home front after a Thanksgiving meal in 2004. I was taken by the adventures, the challenges, and the abiding love between married couples.
  • I set out to interview as many members of the "Greatest Generation" as possible and to ask them about how the war affected their attitudes toward women in the work force to wives following their husbands. I explored the role the military played in warning men about venereal disease and about "loose" women. I looked at how gays and lesbians were treated, as well as African Americans.
  • The stories I heard were heartwarming and heartbreaking. Yet the men and women had survived, no matter the hardships, and greeted life after the war with renewed faith and enthusiasm for the future.
  • Their stories changed me and the American landscape.

From the Inside Flap

In fact, World War II was a time of sexual experimentation and a general loosening of morals. It was a time of conflicting emotions and conflicting messages, a time of great sacrifice, and a time of discovery.

Thanks For The Memories: Love, Sex and World War II opens the hearts and minds of "The Greatest Generation" and underscores how those four war years revolutionized relationships.

About the Author

Dead Serious, a book about youth suicide, was named a YASD Best Book for Young Adults. Brothers&Sisters surveyed relationships between siblings from childhood through old age. And Thanks For The Memories Love, Sex and World War II explored the effects of war on relationships between men and women.


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