Игры на андроид босс 4

Indie card game Boss Monster stomps its way to Android

Brotherwise Games and Plain Concepts have partnered to take Boss Monster off your table and into your Android device.

Boss Monster, a game in which you become a boss, build dungeons, and destroy heroes, is now available to download in Google Play. The creators of Boss Monster, Brotherwise Games, has partnered with video game developer, Plain Concepts, to convert the tabletop card game into a playable video game. Virtual playing cards are used to give an authentic feel, but things such as damages and treasures are now done digitally instead.

The game, which is essentially the reverse of a role-playing game, has a ton of great features. Some of them include:

  • Play against up to three AI opponents in solo play.
  • Challenge other human opponents online.
  • Play with ALL of the bosses, rooms, and spells available in the base game. including rare out-of-print cards!
  • Explore new "digitally-enhanced" cards: four rooms, three new Bosses, and a new spell that all take advantage of the digital platform, allowing stats and treasure values to change as you play (coming in future expansions).

Whether you have played the card version of this game, or are just looking for something new to play, be sure to check this one out. The game itself is available now as a free download, with additional content available through in-app purchases.

Краткое описание:

Управление музыкой с pebble

Подробное описание:

Music Boss - решение для контроля медиатеки с Pebble. Он позволяет регулировать громкость, отображает информацию из всех проигрывателей, обложки альбомов (доступно только для Peeble Time) и многое другое. Плюс ко всему, он поддерживает Tasker!

Итак, если вы готовы обрести контроль над своей медиатекой, попробуйте Music Boss!

Why Music Boss?

Игры на андроид босс 4 андроид

Music Boss is the complete media control solution for Pebble. It allows you to adjust media volume, displays media info for all apps, displays media progress, displays album art*, allows you to switch and launch apps and more. Customize it to your liking and take control of it with Tasker!

Key Features:

-Album art display and automatic app color theming (Pebble Time (color)/Android 4.3+) http://musicboss.ca/color

-Adjust Media Volume with your Pebble while enjoying audio or video.

-Rate songs (thumbs up/down) for Google Play Music from your watch*

-Connect to your Chromecast device while casting from other apps for media and volume control. http://musicboss.ca/chromecast

-Displays media information (song, movie, etc) on the Pebble for all apps.

-Media Progress Display for apps that support (Android 4.3+).

-Automatically detects which media app you are using and switches control to it.

-Launch your current media app from your Pebble (great for apps that need to be started like Songza, Pandora, etc).

-Create a list of your favourite media apps and quickly change between them in Music Boss or with your Pebble.

-Use existing Pebble Music Watch App or the custom Music Boss Watch App

-Music Boss watch app is integrated with Glance, Canvas, Pebble Tasker, Nav Me and Catapult for Pebble.

-Control Music Boss with Tasker: http://musicboss.ca/tasker

Music Boss in the Media:

More details:

If you use your Pebble Smart Watch to control one or multiple Music/Audio Apps on your Android Device and if you find that your Pebble should give you more control over your music. You've found the app you are looking for!

If you change the Music/Audio App that responds to the Pebble Media buttons, you know that this process requires a few steps each time you wish to change the app.

Music Boss gives you total control over your Music/Audio App (Retune, Audible, Google Play Music, PowerAmp, etc) using the Pebble's existing Music Watch App or the Music Boss Watch App. Music Boss allows you to create a list of your favourite music apps and quickly change which one responds to the media commands on the Pebble Watch.

Best of all, you can change your current Music app right from your Pebble!

Quickly launch your current music app from your Pebble watch. No need to reach into your pocket to launch Retune, Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Audible or others.

If you are ready to take total control of your Music and Audio Apps with your Pebble, give Music Boss a try!

Install the App, choose one of two App Tutorials and start controlling your music like a Music Boss.

If Music Boss is not working for your Music App, please contact me before leaving negative feedback. I will test the Music app in question, and provide feedback on whether the issue is with Music Boss or the music app itself.

App Permissions Explained:

Device & App History: Collect logs to troubleshoot user bugs.

Игры на андроид босс 4 your Pebble

Photos/Media/Files: Required to store the Music Boss Watch App to your device storage while installing offline.

Need a Pebble Smartwatch? http://getpebble.com

*Album Art is available for the Pebble Time (color) watch for Android 4.3+

*Rating (thumbs up/down) for Google Play Music is available for Android 4.4 KitKat and above.


All song/video images and titles, app names/titles and app images are property of their respective owners. They are only shown here to represent what the user would see when using the app. Reboot's Ramblings does not represent and is not affiliated with any of these owners.

Неубиваемый босс как средство борьбы с пиратами

Разработчики мобильного шутера Shooting Stars! решили бороться с пиратством необычным способом. Они выложили на торрент-сайты Android-версию своей игры, одного из боссов в которой нельзя убить.

В игре нужно сражаться с пришельцами, которые маскируются под различных знаменитостей — PewDiePie, Джастина Бибера и так далее. На третьем уровне пиратской версии появляется один из участников французского дуэта Daft Punk. Сначала он высказывается против пиратства в музыкальной индустрии, а потом всегда побеждает игрока.

Умирать плохо, но воровать игры — это еще хуже!

Авторы из Noodlecake Studios признаются, что почерпнули идею из Game Dev Tycoon  — симулятора игрового разработчика, в пиратских версиях которого игроки несут большие убытки из-за пиратства. Ранее Noodlecake Studios издали игру Wayward Souls. из всех инсталляций которой на Android-устройствах только 11% были честно куплены в Google Play.

Официальная версия Shooting Stars! стоит 170 руб на iOS и 45 руб на Android . По словам разработчиков, их пиратскую версию скачали меньше раз, чем официальную версию игры в магазине. Ну и разумеется, в торрентах уже появилась сломанная версия игры из Google Play, в которой драться с Daft Punk не нужно.


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