Игры на андроид через блютус

Мультиплеер игры на андроид через bluetooth

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Все таки даже на моем дешевом телефоне за 5000 рублей. можно как оказалось играть в multyplayer игры по bluetooth или wi-fi с друзьями у которых тоже андроид!

Это было настоящим открытием. так как связь через блютус. как ни странно. очень высока и не прерываеться и через нее можно передавать  большие потоки данных за очень короткое время.

Иными словами играть в HD игры на высокой скорости с друзьями. как например в крабов ( но они плохие )

Итак. я перерыл интернет в поисках таких игр. и нашел около 20 игр поддерживающих игру вместе. Как оказалось не в цене дело. были даже дорогие игры от 100р. с функциями в которые просто невозможно было играть.

Искал я в интернете и в play google маркете игры типа tower defense с возможностью вместе строить башни или играть против друг друга. но тщетно. А очень жаль. если учесть что я просто обожаю таур дефенс!

Ну к теме вопроса. моим запросам удовлетворила только одна игра. зато мы в нее уже 3 неделю рубимся это blobby volleyball. Да да. это простенькая аркадка способна вызвать бурю эмоций если у тебя и у твоего друга есть любой android. так как затрат памяти и процессора она не требует. то подойдет любой гаджет !

Итак не теряйте времени быстрей на play google и качать игру. весит она совсем немного! Отпишите как она вам !

P2P Multiplayer Android Games: Bluetooth, Wifi, WLAN

Modern Android games let you play Multiplayer games over bluetooth, Wifi, Wifi Direct and even over the Internet via 3g / LTE / Wifi. These can be P2P games over the WLAN or over WAN (across the globe).

Here’s our list of best Multiplayer games on Android.

1. UNO has multiplayer via wifi or bluetooth. A classic card game for android.

2. Reckless Racing has online multiplayer, but not wifi. Not sure how difficult it would be to organize a game with predetermined participants.

It’s Micro Machines for the Android! Reckless Racing offers adrenaline-fueled gameplay with a slick top-down camera. Players make their way through a variety of circuits and tracks against friends and rivals.

3. Raging Thunder is even cross-platform online racing game thats fun on iOS, Android.

This cross-platform racing game allows you to go head to head online against three other racers in an arcade-style setting. Like the Need for Speed series for the console, you can also perform time trials or race against CPU-controlled opponents.

The lite version—which is free—for the Android should be enough to tide you over while you’re on the bus or the train.

Although every race is fairly short, allowing you to play it in quick bursts, It will be difficult to stop playing the game once it has its grips on you.

Игры на андроид через блютус Starfront Collision

4. With Minecraft you can host and join LAN games. Have yet to test this out even though my daughter and I both bought this.

5. UniWar looks like a turn-based strategy game with multiplayer online capabilities.

6. Ship Combat Multiplayer

Destroy ships before enemy sinks yours!

ShipCombat Multiplayer is a free addictive game that keeps you entertained during your spare time. The game is based on the classic pen & paper battleships game. Cool features makes it different from similar games in the market.

7. Mini Squadron is a mini shooter game thats fun and has LAN multiplayer.

Игры на андроид через блютус Dungeon Hunter

Pocket Legends earned critical acclaim from a variety of tech sites, including Mashable and PocketGamer for offering a good massively multiplayer experience for gamers on the go.

Players choose their character, develop their abilities and journey into a variety of dungeons alongside other players in this cooperative online game. You need not apply for a World of Warcraft subscription or own a PC to get your game on.

Few first person shooters make their way onto the platform, but one of them—Modern Combat 2, from Gameloft—manages to stand apart from the rest by offering an experience that should resonate with anyone who’s ever played a Call of Duty game on the console.

Arguably a rip-off of the more popular Call of Duty series, Modern Combat 2 offers experience levels, modes and achievements. It’s surprising Activision that didn’t come up with it first.

11. Starfront: Collision HD

It looks, feels, and plays like StarCraft, but until we see a StarCraft game ported to the Android, Starfront: Collision will have to satiate our hunger for a good RTS.

Like the much better StarCraft on the PC and Mac, Starfront: Collision offers three distinct races, each with their own campaign, and four-player multiplayer over Gameloft Live, where players can do battle against other players in one vs one, or cooperate in two vs two.

Dungeon Defenders is not exactly Diablo for the Android. More than that, it’s Diablo meets Tower Defense. Free on the Android Market, Dungeon Defenders offers support for cooperative four player multiplayer.

Players must build a defense while fighting off hordes of invading monsters with their personal characters. Additionally, the game also offers Player vs Player match-ups for competitive gamers.

This game will be making its way to Steam later this year in full fledged form.

It’s no Torchlight, but it certainly comes close. Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 2 is a fantastic action RPG that marries Diablo with the portability of the Android mobile.

Dungeon Hunter 2 offers a loot farming, with a streamlined system of character building. Like Torchlight and Diablo, the game is populated with randomized dungeons.

Words With Friends is Scrabble without the name. You can connect with friends through Facebook, the iPhone and just about every other platform the game exists on thanks to Zynga’s extensive reach.

Guerilla Bob was first released on the iOS to critical acclaim. Offering slick controls and sweet action-based gameplay, Guerilla Bob is a homage to classic action games like Take No Prisoners and Mageslayer.

Guerilla Bob and his pals take on hordes of “infected” (zombies, really) characters throughout the maps in cooperative multiplayer. Owners of the game on the Android can also join forces with friends on the iPhone thanks to the cross-platform capability. The game is even available on the Xperia Play with twin-stick controls.

16. HomeRun Battle 3D – Runs across iOS, Android, Multiplayer game peer-to-peer over LAN.

Ipega Bluetooth Controller Android Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick for iPhone / iPod / iPad / Android Phone / Tablet PC, Black

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Product Description

This Bluetooth wireless game controller is a new design and support different Android/ IOS/ PC and etc games

Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can be 6-8 meters wide range of control from the operation

The telescopic stand, the phone can be put in the stand (maximum support for 5.5-inch mobile phone), easy for playing games

User-friendly software design, no connection state into the power-saving mode

Exclusive gaming application platform, the classic hand travel under control (ipega game lobby only for Android platform)

Игры на андроид через блютус Dungeon Hunter

Model: PG-9017S

Color: Black

Game Support Description:

Under Android system, it supports the vast majority of games and simulator games (such as MC4, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC simulator, GBA emulator, arcade emulator, SFC simulator, N64 emulator, Shadowgun, Sonic CD, Cordy, 9 Innings 2013, Riptide GP, etc.) Download method of games that are compatible: Enter iTunes and App Store to search for "iCade". The handle can be compatible with the vast majority of games, such as Gunman Clive, Helium Boy and so on.


When the controller can't operate normally, please use the paper clip to touch the reset switch on the left corner of the grip back when the grip cannot shut down or crash.

Please do not put this product in wet or hot place for storage.

Do not hit, beat, piercing or attempt to disassemble the product to avoid unnecessary damage.

Do not discard the built-in battery with garbage.

Do not use near fire or other heat source to recharge the batter

Package Included:

1 x PG-9017S Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller


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