Игры на андроид cut the rope 3

Cut the Rope

Российская компания Зептолаб выпустила несколько компьютерных игр, однако заметно выделяется среди них игра Перережь Веревку (Cut the Rope). Именно перерезать веревку будут все желающие игроки, чтобы угостить сладостями одно ненасытное существо Ам Ням, который поселился в одной из просторных коробок. В игре появились новые коробки и их уже стало 11.

Бесплатные игры Перережь веревку: суть игры

Несмотря на небольшой размер, герой этой игры отличается удивительной жадностью и прожорливостью. Поэтому игрокам Кат зе Роуп придется потрудиться, чтобы уровень за уровнем кормить голодного испорченного сладкоежку новыми желанными леденцами. Все сладости подвешены на веревочке на экране. Ваша цель - быстро накормить монстрика. Игроку надо учесть: чтобы игра Перерезать веревку онлайн завершилась успешно, надо не только кормить забавного зверька, но и по возможности собирать желтые звезды, которые иногда появляются на экране. Не откладывайте, а попробуйте Кат зе роуп скачать на сайте flashok.ru, а потом соберите как можно больше звездочек, чтобы открыть новые коробки с разными возможностями игры. Если будете успешно выполнять все задания, то милый герой этого забавного приключения будет доволен, ведь побывает в разных коробках - картонной, тканевой, подарочной, игрушечной и многих других.

Игра Cut the Rope Online - играть приятно и легко

Cut The Rope 2 (Android) Walkthrough - Levels 1 Through 10

How to beat the first 10 levels of the Android version of Cut the Rope 2.

Hello, and welcome to the first in a series of guides covering the Android version of Cut the Rope 2. the sequel to the long-time popular physics puzzle game from ZeptoLab.

While iOS users know Cut the Rope 2 as a paid app, the game is free to play in the Android marketplace. Along with this conversion are a number of new levels (such as collecting fruit) and features to bulk up your time with the game.

After the first four levels, each level contains three separate objectives that must be cleared individually. Completion of an objective rewards medals, which can be used to open more areas of the game. Players also receive coins for high scores, which can be used to buy power-ups and cosmetic items in the in-game shop.

(This guide has proven to be a bit too complicated for some. Those of you looking for super simple step-by-step directions on gathering fruit can find that in my Cut the Rope 2 - Fruit Gathering Walkthrough .)

There are a few things to bear in mind to understand this and all upcoming related Cut the Rope 2 guides, specifically the indicators on each image.

Indicators denote what and where things must be done. and are color-coded based on whether you need to cut rope, pop balloons, or have Roto release (among other things).

Игры на андроид cut the rope 3 Android free

If indicators they are being directly referenced in the instructions to the right, they will be marked as (1), (2), (3). and so on. If not, the step numbers will correlate with the indicator they are referring to .

Indicator colors and what they mean

    • - A rope must be cut
    • - A balloon must be popped
    • - Shows where its correlating number should be cut, popped, etc.
    • - Something must be picked up or dropped, depending on the situation

    The black indicators with white numbering are translucent and have a number correlating with another indicator in an image to show where something should be done. This is fairly obvious in practice.

    All three variations of a level are included below. You can click one of these links to be taken down to a particular level, sans 1

    4, which are directly below:

    Cut the Rope Free 2.0.3

    Om-Nom on Android - for free!

    If you haven't heard of Om-Nom and his adorable candy-grabbing antics in Cut the Rope. you've been living under a rock. This time, he's on Android - and he's free!

    The premise of Cut the Rope is simple. Om Nom's a hungry monster. His food of choice is candy, but it's suspended above him on ropes. It's your job to cut the rope and feed the monster - but of course, it's not going to be so simple!

    Everything about Cut the Rope is cute, from the graphics and animation to the little sound Om Nom makes when he chomps down a candy. The settings are limited to the sounds, but Cut the Rope's so sweet as it is, we don't think you'll complain.

    There's really nothing to criticize in Cut the Rope. It's a great game as it is, and is completely suited to playing on a phone. This free version is obviously more limited than the standard full version. but even so it's a great way to pass some time.

    Cut the Rope is one of the cutest casual games around. It won't keep you entertained for weeks, but it's a brilliant little timewaster!

    Pros +

    • Just as cute as the original
    • Free!
    Игры на андроид cut the rope 3 андроид

    Cons -

    • Limited compared to the normal version


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