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Create a customized Sim

The Sims 2 is a virtual reality game in which you have to create your own character in the form of a Sim and interact with a virtual society that runs parallel to real life. In this title you'll be able to have all kinds of experiences with other players, many of which would be impossible in the real world.

The detail and simulation levels are very high, not only limited to the audiovisual recreation of a life but also taking into account other factors like feelings and the passing of time.

With The Sims 2 Create a Sim you'll be able to design your own character with as much detail as possible, so as to cause a great impact in your new life.

One of the most successful sagas in video gaming history.

  • Create your own character to play the Sims, whether male or female.
  • Choose between different life periods. baby, child, youngster, adult or elderly.
  • Modify every single detail of your character's physiognomy. nose, lips, cheeks.
  • Select the skin, eye and hair color .
  • Also select your character's clothes and accessories .
  • Create and save as many Sims as you want.
  • Multiple expansions to keep on enjoying the game: 'Apartment Life', 'Pets', 'Open for Business'. Use your Sim in all of them.
  • Generate characters randomly .
  • Undo and redo options.

Create your Sim and take part in a new virtual experience

If you want to be part of the Sims universe, it's essential to create a character. Now, thanks to The Sims 2 you'll be able to create and store as many characters as you want to use in the games of this saga.

Downloading The Sims 2 for free and creating your character are the first two steps in your new life.

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The Sims 2 — симулятор реальной жизни. Игра развивает концепцию, опробованную компанией Maxis в оригинальной The Sims.

Вы, как и в первой части, управляете одним или несколькими персонажами (Симами), обустраиваете их жизнь, личные взаимоотношения с виртуальными соседями и друзьями, помогаете в продвижении по карьерной лестнице.

The Sims 2 может похвастаться улучшенной графикой: от псевдо-трехмерного пространства разработчики перешли к полновесному 3D. Также в продолжении разработчики усовершенствовали и другие аспекты игры: так, например, к личностным характеристикам персонажей добавились стремления и страхи. При создании Сима можно выбрать одно из 6 стремлений: популярность, богатство, семья, знания, романтика, удовольствие. При удовлетворении стремлений персонажа, игрок зарабатывает дополнительные очки, если же случается что-то, чего Сим боится, то очки, наоборот, снимаются.

По сравнению с первой игрой, увеличилось количество стадий взросления, в The Sims 2 их шесть: новорожденный, младенец, ребенок (школьник), подросток, взрослый человек и пожилой. Расширились возможности по изменению внешности персонажа: можно изменять макияж, прическу, форму носа и губ персонажа. Также в сиквеле, посещая работу, персонаж не только получает зарплату, но и приобретает новые навыки.

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  • Описание разработчика:

    Продолжение самой массовой игры современности предлагает совершенно новый уровень симуляции жизни. Теперь ваши любимые симы не будут какими-то цифровыми пустышками – они станут личностями со своими особенностями, наклонностями, фобиями, мечтами и привычками. Беспрецедентные возможности по настройке внешности героя вкупе с инновационной системой генетики сделают сменяющие друг друга поколения связанными, а моральный тонус с фобиями и мечтами не даст заскучать поклонникам и поклонницам популярнейшей игры.

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    Product Description

    Product Description

    The Sims 2 is the next generation of the bestselling PC franchise. For the first time, players control their Sims over an entire lifetime from womb to tomb. Every choice you make has a relevant and dramatic effect on the life of your Sim. More life-like Sims, all-new gameplay and the ground-breaking addition of genetics gives players a more vivid and in-depth Sims experience.

    Guiding your Sims through "Life's Big Moments" takes on new importance, as players now get a "Life Score" to measure how well they are playing each individual Sim. The decisions that players make throughout the lifetime of their Sims now have an impact on their long-term success or failure. A choice made as a toddler has a direct effect on the teen and adult Sim they become. Will players be able to successfully lead their Sims through such important events as a first step, first crush, or marriage proposal, all while the clock is ticking?

    The Sims in The Sims 2 are more aware and responsive to both other Sims and their surroundings. Sims truly come to life expressing moods and feelings through more realistic body animations and for the first time facial animations. They form complex relationships and are able to distinguish between family and friends, platonic friendships and romantic love. Sims in The Sims 2 now have DNA. Passing along physical characteristics and traits to their offspring, Sims both resemble and behave like their ancestors. As in real life, the appearance of the Sims now changes over time. In addition to getting older, a Sim that spends too much time on the couch will develop a paunch and a Sim that works out will enjoy rock solid abs.

    An entirely new 3-D engine makes the world of The Sims 2 more life-like and dynamic. The Sims 2 will also introduce an all-new "Create-a-Sim" feature. This allows you to customise the facial features of your Sim with a few simple clicks, to a level of detail never realised before. In The Sims 2. players are now able to build dwellings over two stories and have the ability to coordinate and customise the homes of their Sims to a new degree of design with all-new furniture, lighting and objects.

    Amazon.co.uk Review

    The original The Sims is the best selling PC game ever but after four years and seven expansion discs it's finally starting to look a bit long in the tooth. As the first official sequel almost everything in The Sims 2 has been expanded and improved on from the original, even if the basic idea remains the same: to create and control the lives of your virtual characters.

    The entire scope of the game has now increased--your characters age and give birth to children. Sims remain children only for a few weeks, before spending most of the game as adults and then eventually dying and the game carrying on with their children and grandchildren--if they have any. Another big new feature of the game is the introduction of specific "aspirations" for your sim, which can be anything from a specific career to marrying a particular person. Each sim also has their own "fears", which can be anything from living alone to losing their hair. Which of these situations end up coming true becomes the main influence on whether your sim is happy, the attainment of which is the only true goal in the game.

    Apart from all these new features the graphics have been severely overhauled are now in full 3D and more in line with the recent console spin-offs. This is a must buy for anyone that's ever enjoyed the original titles, but the new features should also be enough to entice sceptics to the fold as well. --David Jenkins

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