Игры на андроид зомби видео

Even the most terrible of brain diseases and death don't cure a man's passion. Thus, our undead hero does in his reanimated state what he did best in life: develop games. But this time, with an attitude - slow decay does that to a zombie.

You may not think it, but a zombie has his needs, so it's up to you to keep him happy and working by giving him brains, coffee or even plastic **ahem** dolls.

Every successful development brings you one step closer to actually playing your zombie's creations. So get your most basic psychomotor skills up and running!

• Screeching teeth and table punching

• Underpants!

• Captivating and innovative gameplay where you click Buttons

• The annoying Brain button from Hell!

• 3 retro mini-games that were totally uninspired by games that may have already existed

Angry Zombie doesn't have a very stable temper, so how about giving him a kind review?

Даже самая страшная заболеваний головного мозга и смерти не вылечить страсть человека. Таким образом, наша нежить герой делает в своей реанимировали состоянии, что он сделал лучшее в жизни: разрабатывать игры. Но в этот раз, с отношением - медленный спад делает, что зомби.

Вы не можете думать, но зомби имеет свои потребности, так что до вас, чтобы держать его счастливым и работает, давая ему мозги, кофе или даже пластиковые ** ** гм кукол.

Top 10 Best Zombie Games for Android and iOS

Hungry for some zombie games on the mobile? Here are the best zombie games you can play on the iOS and Android.

There’s been a strong love for zombies over the past few years. This could be a result of the hit AMC television show and comic book series The Walking Dead, though that's simply speculation. Regardless, the love and craze for zombies is not dying off anytime soon. See what I did there?

If you’re looking for a video game on your smartphone or tablet to kill some time then you’ll want to check out these top ten zombie game applications for Android and iOS. There are applications that feature stunning graphics for a mobile device to addicting endless runners, we feel confident that you’ll find a video game worth downloading on this list. If there's a worthy video game we missed on this list then let us known in the comment section below.

Stupid Zombies 2 brings players more of the same gameplay they loved from the original Stupid Zombies video game.

This time around, players get 600 levels that will require players to take out the zombie threat. If you’ve never played the Stupid Zombies series then expect a puzzle-based video game. Players must ricochet their bullets to strike a number of zombies within the room, all of which are surrounded by obstacles and walls. As you progress through the game, the levels get tougher by placing more debris to bank your shots off from while also adjusting how a zombie moves throughout the map.

Zombie Burbz AppGear Review (iPad and Android Tablets) (video)

I don’t usually review iPad or tablet games – if I opened myself up completely to doing them I would be inundated with requests since it seems at least two come out on any given day.  Every now and then though, something different comes out and I break from my normally accepted practices.  Now I already know what you’re thinking – “How is a zombie game different?  There are tons of those out there already!”, and were it a normal zombie game you would be entirely right (I just did a search on the App Store for “zombie” and got 325 results before I stopped counting, but there were still more after that).  What makes Zombie Burbz (and the other AppGear games I’ll be reviewing) different is how you interact with the game itself.

Игры на андроид зомби видео видео

All of the AppGear games have some sort of real world toy that you use to interact with them, with Zombie Burbz you use little zombie figures to control what you’re doing.  Let me explain real quick here – the app is a free download but you need to buy a figure pack to be able to play the game.  One pack is around ten bucks, and in it come three collectible figurines plus one “deluxe” figure – that deluxe figure is what you use to actually control Zombie Burbz, and it is easily distinguished by the three contact points on the bottom of it.  There are multiple different deluxe figures you can get, and each one opens its representation in the game along with different levels and such.  You don’t need to buy every pack as the unlocked levels are variations of each other, but if you super love the game that’s always an option.  It is basically an alternative to in-app purchases, making you buy real world things to keep new content coming.

I know a lot of people will see the little figures as a marketing gimmick, and in a way they are right.  Zombie Burbz could be played without the little figurines, but in a time where new zombie apps are a dime a dozen, they help the game to stand apart from the flood.  Besides that, the zombie figures add an element of control that would be harder to have with just your fingers.  In the game you’re constantly having to rotate your zombie to change his (or her) facing, and with the figures it is a simple task of just spinning them – if you only had your fingers it would require some kind of irritating multi touch gesture, and would end up being more complicated than it needs to be.  The figures end up being a cute solution to a control problem that plagues tablet games in general.  Oh and it should stand to reason that while some of the AppGear games are made from your smartphone (iPhone or Android), the size of the figures means that Zombie Burbz is tablet only.

The WowWee people call the addition of the figures “amplified reality”, and I suppose that’s as good of a description as any.  When you are moving your little zombie figure all around it feels a lot different than just using your fingers – it feels a lot more real.  That’s the thing here, being able to reach out and actually touch a part of the game – no matter how small or silly it may be – helps to bring you in to the game in a new way.  If you have kids who like to collect things though (or in my case a daughter who is obsessed with everything zombie) you will inevitably find your house littered with these little figures – just keep that in mind when you get started down this path.  Like the big Pokemon craze, some people will have to have them all.

The problem with all of this though comes in the form of the game itself.  Unfortunately Zombie Burbz is far from the best game on the App Store or Market being incredibly simplistic in nature.  It ends up being a form of a base defense style game, where your zombie resides behind a fence and you need to fend off the pesky humans who want to return you to the grave.  To accomplish this feat you place traps down to take care of them and then you use your zombie to shoot their various weapons at the stragglers.  You have a super weapon that you can use in desperation (a giant hand bursts from the ground), and that’s pretty much all there is to it.  While the game is simplistic, it looks very nice, with art assets that I didn’t expect.  Zombie Burbz is also incredibly fun to play – I don’t know how else to describe it.  I don’t usually do simple games, but this has made me see that sometimes simple is better, at least when it has a good hook like this one does.


Editor’s Rating:


Игры на андроид зомби видео видео

The Bottom Line:  AppGear games could easily become the future of tablet and smartphone gaming, but while the games are incredibly fun, they need to get a bit of depth before they are widely accepted over the norm.

  • Zombie Burbz controls exceptionally well – even for a tablet game
  • The graphics are a lot more than you would probably expect from a game like this
  • The figurines are an interesting and effective little hook to get you into the game
  • There is not a lot of depth to the gameplay
  • The figurines are a nice alternative to in app purchases, but they can get expensive quickly
  • You have to keep constant pressure on the figure or it might not register on the tablet

As I said earlier, you can get the Zombie Burbz game for free from either the App Store or the Android Market, but you have to buy the figure packs from places like the WoeWee store for $9.99 – you can also use the locator on their site to find a local retailer if you don’t want to get it over the net.

Игры на андроид зомби видео андроид


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