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Top 5 Best Android Racing Games of 2014

(CSR Racing)

Racer игра на андроид Smash Bandits

Love to play racing games on your Android phone or tablet? Here are our top picks for the best Android racing titles of 2014. Whether your tastes tend toward ultra-realistic street racers or more fantastical titles, these games will your motor running. If you need even more racing suggestions, check out our top 10 list of Android racing games.

1. CSR Racing

Available on Google Play. CSR Racing features slick renderings of gorgeous cars like the Audi R8, BMW M3 and Chevy Corvette. The game also boasts officially licensed cars from Bentley, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Mini, McLaren, Pagani and Nissan.

What sets this game apart is the ability to totally customize your ride. Everything from unique license plates to aerodynamic tweaks to racing tires can be added to your car. A recent update added the ability to rearrange your garage, turbocharge your season, and buy a bigger gas tank. And did we mention how rad the graphics are? This game is easy on the eyes, and easy on your wallet.

If you’re looking for a racing game that truly captures the look and feel of your favorite real-world cars, this is your best bet. This game has a 4.5 rating on Google Play as of this rating, and is published by NaturalMotion Games.

Racer игра на андроид игра

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2. Smash Bandits Racing 2014

The gameplay video above shows the game on an iOS device, but it still gives you a good idea of what Smash Bandits looks like.

Available on Google Play. Smash Bandits Racing 2014 has gotten some mixed reviews. However, we argue that it’s worth recommending for racing fans who prefer their games to be gritty and demolition-focused.

Smash Bandits Racing 2014 now offers a new racing league, two new cars, and some seriously badass enemies in the form of police helicopters that have been equipped with missiles. If carnage and mayhem is your favorite part of a good racing game, you need to download this title ASAP.

If you’re tired of racing games where you just drive around in circles, the frenetic carnage of this racing game is likely to appeal to you. Smash Bandits Racing 2014 is published by Kinger Games Team.

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3. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Available on Google Play. Need for Speed Most Wanted isn’t exactly a new app, nor has it been recently updated. Still, it’s a solid title that will appeal to fans of both the Need for Speed film and the series of video games.

Need for Speed Most Wanted makes our list because of its responsive controls and array of unique-looking cars. The realistic damage and head-to-head races with friends give this game a ton of replay value. There’s a reason this franchise has been around for so long. Need for Speed Most Wanted is published by Electronic Arts.

10 Best Racing Games for Android

Snuggle Truck

In this game, inspired by trial racers, players must try to keep their stuffed animals in their truck, as they race across hazardous terrain. There are medals for completing levels in a certain amount of time with a certain number of animals. On Android, the game is available in both this family-friendly version, and in its original, more controversial Smuggle Truck version.

Whether you feel the need for speed or the desire to run your fellow drivers off the road, we won’t judge. We will, however, suggest you redirect that energy into one of these Android racing games.

These games run the gamut of racing styles, but they all have the same basic goal: Get to that finish line as quickly as possible! So pick a game, rev that engine, and get going.

Racing Moto 1.2.8

White-knuckle motor racing game for Android

Racing Moto is a high speed, vertical-scrolling motorcycle game for mobile with a very simple premise: drive as fast as you can without crashing.

The controls in Racing Moto are very simple. Just tilt the screen to turn left and right. weaving in and out of the vehicles on the three-lane highway. Holding your finger down on the screen will make the bike go faster. You don't have to do this because the bike moves at a gentle pace on its own, but the quicker you go in Racing Moto, the more points you get.

Racing Moto boasts some smart 3D graphics and wonderful backgrounds, although the animation gets laggy when you start reaching very high speeds (tested on an HTC Sensation). Also, you'll notice that there are only a handful of backgrounds, which repeat themselves in a loop.

Other than an online high scores table, there aren't many options in Racing Moto. There's only one bike to choose and one game mode, so things get repetitive very quickly.

Nevertheless, Racing Moto is a fun game to pick up and play whenever you're having a slow moment in your day!

Pros +

  • Smart 3D graphics
  • Fun to play
  • Simple controls
Racer игра на андроид Smash Bandits

Cons -

  • Animation lags at high speed
  • Repetitive


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